A failure in the navigation system sent a lone pilot at FTL speed to the other side of the galaxy... right into the heart of enemy territory.

With the engines overheated and cut off from all reinforcements, your goal is to survive for as long as your wits allow you to.

Control your ship using WASD and fire using the left mouse button or the space bar.
Tackle increasingly faster spawning enemies in normal mode, or take the survival challenge in hardcore mode.

(Please note that playing in browser results in lower quality graphics due to lack of post-processing effects.)

(Also: Playing in fullscreen mode may enhance your experience.)

A word from the developer:
This is my first game, which I developed over the course of the past 2 weeks.
It started out after a simple online course on how to build a space shooter in Unity, and through continuously improving my skills I managed to add more and more features to it.

While this game is fairly basic, I still enjoyed my time making and playing it, which is why I decided to take it to a production ready state and upload it here.

I hope you'll have fun playing! :)

Any comments are very much apprectated :)

Oh, and what's your high score? 



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